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Shenzhen Four Plus One Industrial Company Limited(hereafter referred to as the “FPO”) concentrates on building the platform who is always selling the newest product in the world, to help the R&D enterprises market their products. Our principle is that we do not produce the product, we are nothing but the spreader of products. To enlarge and expand the proportion in the global market for all R&D enterprises, FPO’s mission is freely to propagandize and promote the most popular and latest product, endlessly enhancing them to keep research. In this case, these enterprises can reduce their cost but fortify the sales volume. Aiming at directly, effectively and swiftly expediting the sale of innovative product when it is apace launched to the market by our channel, we devotes our team to be the comprehensive-tridimensional sales system that helps the products cover the market broadly and quickly at maximum, also can help the products have good grace from consumer.


By now, FPO has been constructing the sale net among more than 200 countries of the world. The net can win a response of every newest product from market at minimum duration. From its nature and merit, we can smoothly run the whole marketing channel with high-efficiency. FPO only pay highest attention to selling the up-to-date product, we trend to be the exclusive dealing for those who have patent. Should a new product can be advertised and promoted on our quite effective platform, it not only can maintain and protect its market, but also keep the high profit as well as no time and loophole to be copy cat brand, then we both fully enjoy the return from the innovative and new product. The R&D enterprises, as our strategic partner, just need to be absorbed in research and manufacture, they can invest more precious time and experience on developing more good products instead of wasting them on sales team building. As we know, every new products will develop according to the chain(design-research-improvement-produce-sale).FPO, however, is determined to be market expansion and sell, to be highly efficient, powerful and mighty promoter. We sincerely invite you to our company to do the investigation if you side have the product here in above, glad to cooperate with you and form win-win situation. Welcome!

FourPlusOne (hereinbelow it was called FPO) company is composed with a group of excellent people who are thoughtful, moral, innovative, full of wisdom, experience and ambition. They come from different lines of business, there are not only experienced online marketing sales, but also a group of network technology elites. No matter in the aspect of network technology and enlarging the market or propaganda and communication, they have their own unique eidos. FPO is a team which is healthy developed, full of outstanding people and amply rewarded.
— sales team

Product Research and Development

FPO focus on marketing newly developed products, and prefer to be exclusive distributors of patent products. It not only can get a big market share but also maintain high profit by selling those new products on a high efficiency marketing platform.

Our platform resources

Fourplusone is focus on building up integrated vertical marketing system that in home and abroad B2B ,B2C sales channel ,exhibition and stationed abroad, which can make the products cover market fast and widely ,win more customers when an innovative products face to the market, make the sales directly and effective. R&D enterprises are just focus on developing and producing,they do not need spend their limited time on setting up the sales team,if so they have more time to develop new better products.The products from design to sell,The fourplusone is focus on the expanding market and selling,we would like to be a efficient,powerful product spreader.We are building the marketing system of over 200 countries around the world, and make the new innovative product get response from the market in a short period.

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